Annelise is Three | Part 1

Our daughter Annelise Emma has a spirit of joy.  She always has.

Most of these images are completely raw from the camera (minus cropping and the b&w images).  For some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to edit them.  I always fully edit my clients’ images, but for these, since I’m my own client, I wanted to remember these just as I shot them.  Yes, they could be cleaner, I could edit the dirt off her dress, have some extra catch light in her eyes, but I fell in love with them just as they were.  Childhood passes so quickly.  I’m so happy to have this moment in time saved.

Huge hugs for my dear friend Krista making this dress for Annelise–her first big sewing project!  I can’t tell you how much sweetness it adds!  She is also wearing my grandma’s locket, Pauline Emma, one of her namesakes.

Joe Jordan - February 25, 2015 - 4:41 am

My goodness Angla, these are beautiful! Of course, with such a subject, it would be tough to take a “bad” picture. 🙂 What a blessing that she’ll have these to share with her kids and grandkids someday. Good job mom!