5 photography business tips for success


June is the anniversary of my business, so I like to reflect and share what I have learned the past year.  Cheers to two years in the business!

1) Serve your clients

I firmly believe that photography is a service business.  My clients hire me because they love my style, but I am hired to serve them.  Switching to this service mentality takes my focus from money to a happy client.  I genuinely want them to love their images as much as I do.  Photography can be a lucrative business, but NOT without hard word.  Work hard for your clients {from your heart}.  They will know.

2) Honesty with turnaround

Be timely, and follow through about your return time.  Clients would much rather hear to expect their images back in three weeks and in reality receive them in one week.  Be honest about your realistic turnaround time.  This is a business, and turnaround time is important.  Again, you are serving your clients.  Work hard and diligently for them, but be honest about your workload.

3) Hire help for busy season

If you are having a hard time being timely (or are super stressed), then consider hiring someone!  Photography is a fun business and so many people are interested in dabbling in it part time.  My studio manager is the only way I make it through busy season with happy clients and a happy family.  A lot of photographers are moms, so hiring great help allows you to keep that quality time with your family and hand the office work off to someone you trust.  I find myself being able to take on more sessions and not be as stressed with Amanda, my office manager’s, help.

4) Take. A. Break.

Take breaks from busy season/non-stop sessions.  Take time to reassess your business.  What is working really well?  What could be improved?  Should you: update your bing images, post more to Pinterest, write a blog post about what you have learned, reassess your pricing, look into new products and product vendors?  Y’all—there is so much that goes into this business.  Pause, and make yourself look at what direction your business is going and how it can best improve.

5) Do your own thing

This might seem obvious, but it’s a great reminder.  One day I was thinking, you know I should really do more of a style that is popular right now, and then my next thought was…that’s crazy!  People are hiring me because of what I am doing—because of my consistent style, MY style.  They like it.  It’s ok that it isn’t what most photographers are doing right now.  My style is what makes me successful.  Be inspired by other photographers, but make sure you are doing what is true to your business.

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Angela Wynn – Fort Worth senior photographer