365 Project part 1 Film Photography

I am doing a 365 project for 2017 with film photography.  At the beginning of this project I knew absolutely nothing about capturing life through film.  The painful, humbling, learning part has taken months, changing gear, lots of money on “bad” film, lost moments in time, and working with different film developers.  I am loving where these last six months have taken me despite those things!

I am shooting with my Sigma 35mm 1.4 professional lens and a Nikon N80 body I bought off Craigslist for $40.  I have found the best results for me come from underexposing my images by one notch ( I usually use spot metering) and having them pushed in development.  These images are shot with Ilford’s 400 film and are unedited.  Here is a little look into my heart and soul.  This art is so special to me.


Josie, Brightly, & Annelise at Settler’s Crossing in Fredericksburg


The sweetest donkey around.  Not featured, Brightly’s friend pony that bit Josie.  Oopss!  Our girls love using my old point and shoot camera and it is so humorous to see the world through their eyes.  Not so humorous– them fighting over the camera.


Calling GJ from the hotel room.  This looks like it could be shot two decades ago with that landline phone!blog3

All the sick babies in the bed.  Survival mode right here.



Oh my Annelise <3.  There was a window behind me that was flooding her with the most perfect light!blog6

When I was little, I wanted to own a plant nursery for some reason.  I’m horrible with plants, but growing a backyard garden with my littles is a dream come true.


Summer out of focus.


Those lips kill me everyday.


Extremely low light at bath time.  I love this soft feel.




I nearly teared up when I saw this picture from the developer.  This is Annelise’s foot (my 5.5 year old).  The light was so low, so this is shot at 1.4 and prob 1/15 for shutter.  It’s so perfect and I just can’t believe how big she grows everyday.blog12

Why is the juice so hard to get out at the end?


A timeless portrait–a perfect thing about film.


I’m blessed to stay at home and play!



I love how out of focus shots are still lovely with film.blog18

Mine aren’t the only ones that do this right?!


Stand tall, be sweet, wear your crown…what’s that cute pineapple quote?


Our first and last strawberry from our garden hahahahha


Nightmares, mom nightmares.


We have THE BEST neighbor , so naturally fence panels must come down.  I love this shot!


Sweet Stella, our neighbor’s granddaughter


Ok I totally posed this one and it was totally worth it.


At the lake for the day


I attempted this shot earlier this year and it did not turn out.  Ohhhh those precious babies eyes.


Evenings are usually filled with my husband training his hunting dog Scout.  The girls beg him to!


He’s so good.



This baby ballerina has my heart!