Hannah Dallas Fort Worth Ballet Photography

Photographing dancers, especially ballerinas, has always brought me joy, but this session will be a favorite of mine for a very long time!  Hannah is insanely talented as you will see!  I was blown away by her beauty, grace, and strength.  If you know her personally, you know she is a gem!  I couldn’t be happier to have been able to capture this time in Hannah’s ballet journey.

These ballet photographs were captured around downtown Fort Worth.  We thought an urban setting would be a great backdrop to display her talent.  We found the best light and it was just all together magical.  Magical.





Scott + Julie Coppell Photography

Oh man, I feel like I say this a lot, but I very much love photographing married couples.  There is so much sweetness.  Scott and Julie are about to celebrate their one year anniversary.  Marriage is beautiful and these two are adorable together.


Eloise is one!

Oh hey there little one year old!  Wow our baby is one!  What a joy her life has been to our family and what a joy the first year is overrrrrrr.  Having three girls is just so fun!  The days are incredibly joyful, pink, sparkly and unicorn filled.

Taking their pictures…not so joyful.  I’m sure every parent can relate.  It’s no different when you are a professional photographer BESIDES that you can head-swap.  Yes, the sister picture is a combination of three photographs.  OY!

What a beam of light children are and our sweet Eloise Lucia has brought an incredible amount of light and love to our life.  Enjoy these few snaps of her first birthday pictures because like I said, taking picture of your own kids is AWFUL!

Don’t you love her dress?  These were done for marketing material for FlowerMill Dresses.

Dirty baby toes and seven teeth..I am so in love.