Amy | Fort Worth senior photographer

Amy is a college graduate who sought me out for senior pictures.  She is such a lovely gal and her eyes are stunning.  Here are my favorites from her session this past November.


Casyn | Weatherford senior photography

Two dancing senior session blogged back to back!  I know nearly nothing about dance, but I sure do love capturing it.  Casyn’s session is also from this past summer.  Here are my favorites from her shoot.


Julie | Fort Worth senior portrait photographer

Oh dear!  Julie was a senior client from AUGUST!  I’m so behind on blogging, but it is still important to me that I share a glimpse of my favorites from each session (no matter how delayed it might be).  Julie had some of the best wild sunflowers, gorgeous light, and we were also able to do dance portraits in downtown Fort Worth.  I hope you enjoy these lovely high school senior pictures.