“Working with Angela was such a great experience! Her vision for my senior shoot was awesome and I loved every picture she captured. I’m so happy I got to work with her and would recommend Angela to anyone!”


“Shooting graduation photos with Angela was fantastic. She has wonderful ideas and insight that helped me get shots that were beautiful. I felt very comfortable and relaxed while shooting with her, which I believe showed in my photos. I couldn’t have been happier with the results! I’d recommend Angela to anyone looking for a great photographer.”


“Angela is just one of those people that you feel like you’ve known your whole life. Not a contrived kind of a person, but very genuine. That may seem unimportant, but having someone take your photo can make you feel very awkward and vulnerable. Being able to feel at ease with your photographer is underestimated. It’s crucial for good photos that really reflect who you really are. I sought Angela out for photos of my kids that would really reflect what I know, and love about them. Angela exceeded my hopes. I see the people that I know and love, having fun, just being themselves in her photos! You get the feeling from some photographers that they are only interested in taking pics of ‘the cool kids’. Angela is just genuinely interested in all people, and bringing out their unique qualities. She’s very easy to communicate with, and share ideas and inspiration. She’s clear about her pricing and follows through as promised. Can’t imagine anyone having anything less than a top-notch session, and end product with her.”